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Le bonhomme Fawzy



Shows for youngsters

His story:

Fawzy Al-Aiedy was born in Basra (Iraq) in the 1950s between two downpours (his parents forgot to register his birth date). He celebrates his birthday on September 6, the date of his arrival in France (in 1971).

At the age of 14, Fawzy went to the Iraqi capital, BAGHDAD, in order to study Oriental traditional music (lute and singing), as well as Western music (classical oboe) at the Music Institute of Baghdad.
He discovered the poetry of Arthur Rimbaud and Verlaine, read philosophy (Sartre, Debray, etc.) and played works by Bach, Mozart and Hændel, experiencing a true culture shock. He passed very naturally from one music culture to the other.

During this period, Iraq was politically troubled. After his military service, Fawzy succeeded in leaving Iraq and arrived in Paris in September 1971. Since then, he has lived in France.

In France, Fawzy refined the oboe and the English horn (1st Price in the unanimity and 2nd Price of chamber music).

Parallel to his classical music studies, he discovered Georges Brassens, Léo Ferré, Léonard Cohen, Coltrane, Miles Davis, among others.

After leaving the conservatory, he entered L'Orchestre des Jeunes de Paris, under the direction of J-C Casadesus, where he played oboe and English horn. He remained with the orchestra for two years.

"A career in a classical orchestra was not really for me. My double cultural baggage left me facing two alternatives: to become a traditional Middle Eastern musician or to remain a classical European musician. So I found a third solution: creation, which was clearly indicated by my love of poetry, and whose impulse would be exactly this duality between East and West"

In 1976 Fawzy made his first recording Silence, for Chant du Monde, using traditional Iraqi poetry. The album Bagdad followed in 1978.

From 1977 to 1985 he participated with actor Guy Jacquet and calligrapher Hassan Massoudy in the group KHAMSA, spreading the wealth of Arab culture.

As early as 1983, he became one of the precursors of what is now called "World Music", with his album La Terre, uniting musicians from many different countries and styles.

In 1989, he created L'Oriental Jazz, marrying the swing of jazz to the sensuality of Middle Eastern music.

In parallel, Fawzy's desire to reach all kinds of publics made him produce records and concerts for children and their parents (CD Amina in 1981 which received the Prix Loisirs Jeunes in 1982; since 1998, the CD and show Dounya). In 2006, he created the new show Noces-Bayna - French folk songs in the mirror of Arabia. He has also made incursions into dramatic art, composing music for the theatre.

In 1996, his creation Paris-Bagdad Acoustic, inspired during a trip to Hong Kong, flying over Iraq; and his creation of Oud Aljazira in 1998, marked a turning point in Fawzy's musical direction. After L'Oriental Jazz, he wanted to turn towards more natural impressions and more traditional inspirations in tune with his feelings of that time.

Since 2008, Fawzy has worked with Gérard ZUCHETTO's ensemble TROUDABOURS CARAVANE.

2009-2010 he meets Frédéric VERITE for the creation of ESCALES MEDITERRANEENNES - a Mediterranean music journey -, as well as Dominique FORGES (and the Ensemble Musique Traditionnelle de Nevers) for the project BABYLONE SUR LOIRE - traditional music of the Nivernais and the Near East.

Since 2002, a music « laboratory » has been underway to explore Oriental music and Western grooves. A new creation , RADIO BAGDAD, in 2010 leads us to another style, an allliance between traditional and current music. The new album Radio Bagdad (Release 2012 c/o Label Institut du Monde Arabe/Harmonia Mundi) leads us into a colourful world of traditional and modern music where we encounter festive, poetic and artistically demanding songs.

In 2006, his meeting with the jazzmann oboist Jean-Luc FILLON led to a new creation about the desert and its caravans: PRIVE DE DESERT.

Since 2008, Fawzy has been part of the ensemble.

In 2010, Fawzy participates in Safy NEBBOU's movie L'AUTRE DUMAS with Gérard DEPARDIEUX and Benoît POELVOORDE, where he plays an Oriental singer, performing his song "L'Oiseau libre" and improvising over the maquam "Nahawend".

In 2011, Fawzy creates the project ULTIME PRIERE ("Ultimate Prayer"): a creation with sacred music, initiated by the festival Les Sacrées Journées in Strasbourg.
In the same year, EXIL MON AMOUR is brought into being: Music, Texts & Calligraphies, with Hassan MASSOUDY (calligrapher) & Catherine JAVALOYES (Lectures), on the occasion of Strasbourg Méditerranée festival.

Tolerance and culture have always been at the heart of Fawzy's artistic approach. For him, music is the favoured ground where all meetings can blossom.





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