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Le bonhomme Fawzy



Shows for youngsters



Musiques en Balade presents the music of Iraqi-French singer and oud player Fawzy Al-Aiedy.

Below you find a presentation of the artist and his shows including audio and video links.

We will also attend Womex 15 in Budapest: you'll find us at Stand 2.45 (Zone Franche alley in the French Village). If you come to Womex, we would be happy to meet you there.

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Enjoy the music!





Logo Fawzy Al-Aiedy


Composer - Performer - Singer - Oudist - Video Teaser of all shows

Since his arrival in France, Iraqi-born singer and oud player Fawzy Al-Aiedy has shared his experiences in Western and Arab culture and his passion for music with diverse audiences across the globe. Featuring high-quality musicians, he has performed Middle Eastern classical, traditional and sacred music next to original songs, exploring various musical territories between Orient and Occident, between the past and today. His shows from solo to 6tet have enchanted a varied public of all ages and origins.




Radio Bagdad - Oriental Groove (4tet or 6tet) - Audio & Video

Featuring excellent musicians of the traditional and world music scene, Radio Bagdad mixes Arabic melodies and Western grooves. Despite modern arrangements, it remains faithful to the origins of Middle Eastern music. Radio Bagdad diffuses charming melodies of the blazing Orient on a subtle groove of global rhythms!

This is melting-pot music of the most considered and attractive kind... corralling all of these disparate influences into a highly satisfying whole... - fRoots Magazine


Radio Bagdad Band Live

Album Radio Bagdad @ Institut du monde arabe / harmonia mundi

selected by fROOTS, Trad Magazine, France Inter, Frank Tenaille, France Culture

Fawzy Al-Aiedy Trio - Middle Eastern classical, traditional and original music - Audio & Video excerpts

Enjoy an acoustic set with cutting-edge musicians, playing challenging improvisations on maqams (Arabic classical modes), traditional music of the Middle East and also a selection of Fawzy's original songs. Featuring Adel Shams El-Din's masterly rhythms and Zied Zouari's compelling violin solos, Fawzy's oud and voice echo the musical and poetic tradition of the Orient. An impressive Middle Eastern music mix!


Fawzy Al-Aiedy Trio - Copyright JL Hess

also available as Duo or Solo


Ultime Prière - Oriental Sacred Songs  (Trio) - Videos

Ultime Prière ("Ultimate Prayer") evokes the Orient's mystic memory, with deep original compositions on texts by Sufi poets of the 9th and 12th century (Ibn Arabi, Hallaj, Ibn Al Faridh). These masters of mysticism were renowned for their open-mindedness. With sublime voices, beautiful melodies and enchanting rhythms, the musicians invite you to a spiritual journey of mind and soul, promoting cross-cultural dialogue and exchange - a prayer for the victims of war and barbarism, a ray of hope for a world in peace!


Fawzy Al-Aiedy - Ultime Prière - Copyright: Michael Knas

Promoting peace and cultural dialogue



Exil mon amour - Music, Theatre, Calligraphy  (5tet)

Here, Fawzy presents a collection of original songs, fruit of his life in exile, between Orient and Occident. French actress Catherine Javaloyès recites texts by famous Arabic and Western authors on this theme. Iraqi calligrapher Hassan Massoudy's sensual movements, projected on a big screen, reflect words and music. Oriental melodies melt with visual and dramatic arts to a vivid and affecting picture of life in exile.


Fawzy Al-Aiedy - Exil mon amour

Shows for Kids and Families


Entre deux roseaux, l'enfant - Music show for small and big ears (Solo) - Age: 2-3 to 102 yrs. - Video teaser

Via his alter ego Nassim, Fawzy takes us back to his childhood in Iraq. Nassim plays in the marshes of Basra and imagines himself a bird travelling around the world and bringing along songs from different corners of the globe. With his oud, Fawzy takes the audience on a dreamy journey, singing nursery rhymes and children’s songs in Arabic, French, and English. Beautiful animated calligraphies and drawings by Hassan Massoudy are dancing on a screen round like the sun. Combining musical, theatrical and visual elements, this new show full of finesse and poetry enchants toddlers, kids and grown-ups accompanying them.


Fawzy Al-Aiedy - Entre 2 roseaux, l'enfant - Copyright: N. Sibellas

New Show selected by Arts Vivants en Alsace - 79 dates across France in the 2014-15 season


Noces-Bayna - French traditional songs with an Arabic reflection (4tet) - Age: 6 to 106 yrs.

- optional children's choir - Video teaser

A dialogue between French traditional songs and Fawzy's original compositions, as mirror reflections, has resulted in unique pieces of music, situated somewhere between the French coast and the Iraqi desert. Oud, violin and bagpipes answer each other, supported by challenging Middle Eastern rhythms. The songs are sung in French and Arabic, but also in regional dialects like Occitan, Basque, Alsatian and Breton. Noces-Bayna is a unifying, cross-cultural project, offering a locally trained children's choir to participate in a professional music show!


Fawzy Al-Aiedy - Noces-Bayna - Copyright: JL Hess

Album Noces-Bayna @ Victorie Music / Universal selected by Trad Magazine, Académie Charles Cros,  Jeunesses Musicales de France, Festival Francofolies





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