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Le bonhomme Fawzy



Shows for youngsters


Trio / Duo / Solo

Middle Eastern classical, popular and original music

Fawzy's voice and oud echo the melodic and poetic tradition of the Orient

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© Mathias LECLERC Altaïr-prod

SOLO : Oud-Vocal
Fawzy AL-AIEDY : Voix - Oud

DUO : Oud-Vocal / Percussions
with Adel SHAMS EL DIN : Req, Derbouka, Bendir

TRIO : Oud-Vocal / Percussions / Violin
with Zied ZOUARI : Oriental violin and Alto

or Khadija EL AFRIT : Quanoun



The musicians settle into their concert with self-restrained emotion. They come together in complicity and intimacy.

Fawzy Al-Aiedy improvises on traditional maquams (academic musical modes): -nahawend, hidjaz, rast... - while developing his own artistic style.

Maquam is both a place occupied by the musician and the way in which he is going to work. In the Arabic world, improvisation is an essential musical form, changing with the mood and the mode. There are 199 maquams, of which thirty are widespread. The maquam, sung or instrumental, is especially practiced in Iraq where it represents an essential element of the renowned Abbasid heritage.

Fawzy mixes written and oral music, academic and popular art. He displays his wide talent with the oud and through his songs, served by a very emotional voice and a moving melodic and poetic tradition. He develops an acoustic, sensitive and warm music, letting improvisation and imagination fly free.

Fawzy's creations are supported by the complicit rhythms coming forth in fine lacy complexity from the tambourine of Adel Shams El Din (an Egyptian master of this instrument) and by the soaring melodies of the violin of Zied Zouari, from whose spinning bow on the strings flow out the soul and sensuality of the Middle East.

The musicians' deep knowledge of numerous traditional Middle Eastern rhythms or cycles (Sama'i, Djurdjina, Daridj, Masmoudi...), elaborated with a wide variety of percussions, is used to develop their rhythmic improvisations and dialogs with the oud and the violin. The practice of « detached fingering » and their command of the instruments allows them to create subtle polyphonies over a hot groove. The percussion thus becomes a separate instrument with which Fawzy builds a duet of a total complicity.

Fawzy Al-Aiedy's music combines two intentions: communication with the audience and with other cultures. The maquam tradition, academic and popular, becomes a support for improvisation in an intense cultural communion. 


Album Oud Aljazira c/o Buda Musique/Socadisc - 2000
Album and concert elected by the newspapers:
L'Alsace, La Vie, DNA, Ouest France, Arabies...

In France: THIONVILLE, LES REGIONALES (Alsace), THEATRE MUNICIPAL de COUTANCES, FESTIVAL NUITS ATYPIQUES DE LANGON, JAZZ A MULHOUSE, GRENOBLE JAZZ FESTIVAL, Amphithéâtre de l'Opéra de Lyon, Les Concerts du Midi à la Sorbonne, , Le Train Théâtre à Portes les Valences, Nuit du Caire au Café de la Danse à Paris, etc...

In foreign countries: FORDE FOLK MUSIC FESTIVAL (Norvège), ITALIE-festival LA NOTTE DI S.LORENZO, TUNIS (French Institut of Cooperation), etc...

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