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Le bonhomme Fawzy



Shows for youngsters

P A R I S - B A G D A D   A C O U S T I C

Music inspired by the Middle Eastern Tradition

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Possibility of playing with 4 or 5 artists :

Fawzy AL-AIEDY - Vocal - Oud
Zied ZOUARI - Middle Eastern Violin
Adel SHAMS EL DIN - Percussions (Req, Derbouka, Bendir)
Marc BURONFOSSE - Double bass or Gilles COQUARD - Bass 6 strings, semi-fretless
Sameh FAKHRI - Oriental Accordion

Sébastien BAUER - Sound

It is raining on Basra in ruins, as it was raining the day Fawzy was born (his mother remembers having given birth between two downpours) "around" 1950. Since then, Fawzy has only found happiness through burning his voice in the sun of music.

He has kept the perfumes of his country intact inside himself, and distils them into melody; perfumes which bring balm to his heart and help heal the rupture of exile. Fawzy was forced to leave Iraq and came to France in 1971, refusing all dictatorship He has remained more than twenty-five years without seeing his native land or even his mother, resisting and continuing to embrace hope.. Fawzy's music is a smile.

The "thief of Basora" likes to travel. He captures scents evoking his past in mid-flight. One day during a trip to Hong Kong for a tour he mused, "Here I am, flying over Iraq in a 'large bird'. I see a small light below, I feel my country so close." But his intense desire to tread his native soil remains padlocked by exile.

It is time now for Fawzy to drink deeply, ecstatically from his sources. This man, in tune with his time, blends these naturally with his intrinsic modernity. In his album, Le Paris Bagdad (show Paris-Bagdad Acoustic), he elaborates upon the meeting of the ancestral oud (Arab lute) and the oriental song with the violin, the oriental accordion, the double bass or the keyboard, while a rich variety of percussions - zarb, tabla, derbuka, bendir, daf and req - provide a lively, stirring beat.

With his voice and his oud, Fawzy celebrates the music of the Middle East, little known in Europe. It is a music which subtly combines the essence of poetry and an irresistible invitation to trance, leading to "tarab" (ecstasy). The melody lines with fine ornamentation are livened by sensual movement, while the "maqams" (traditional Middle Eastern modes) are at the source of Fawzy's compositions. Thus the Iraqi musician joins together tradition and creation in the same spirit.

There is a curiosity in him, a call of travel, an awareness of others, the human element - quite simply; a singular universality, an honest and complete emotion.

Fara C. (journalist for « Jazzman » and « L'Humanité »)

Album LE PARIS BAGDAD c/o Buda Musique - 1999

Album and concert elected by the newspapers:
Le Monde, Le Parisien, Libération, Herald Tribune, Air France Magazine, Le Monde de la Musique, Nova Magazine, L'Humanité, Ouest-France, La Nouvelle République, Le Progrès, L'Alsace, French Guitare...

Références :
In France: DJANGO D'OR (France), SCENES NATIONALES in Reims, St Nazaire, Mulhouse, Cergy-Pontoise, Combs la Ville, INSTITUT DU MONDE ARABE (Paris), Espace Rohan (Saverne), L'Iliade (Illkirch), THEATRE DU VESINET, Festival CHORUS DES HAUTS DE SEINE, EUROPA JAZZ FESTIVAL, Festival l'Eté de Vaour, Théâtre de Vannes, D'JAZZ (Nevers), L'Européen, Le new Morning, La Maroquinerie, le Sentier des Halles (Paris) etc...

In foreign countries: TAIPEI ART FESTIVAL (Taiwan), SEATLE (USA), PALMA DE MALLORCA (Spain), BATH FESTIVAL (UK), RAINFOREST WORLD MUSIC FESTIVAL (Malaysia), CASABLANCA (Fête de la musique before 65000 personnes), ETHNOS Festival (Italie), MUSICA 90 (Turin - Italie), MICRO ! FESTIVAL (Dortmund - Germany), Arabic Cultural Center in Bruxelles etc...






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