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Ishtar en calligraphie arabe

The project’s title Ishtar Connection is the logical result of the four musketeers fusion of instruments and (apparently opposite) sounds. It’s in reference to this goddess that shaped for more than three millennia the Sumerian and Mesopotamian history and mythology. Symbolising the woman and being associated to the planet Venus, she was the Goddess of Love, but also, paradoxically, the Goddess of War. Ishtar incarnates two apparently opposed aspects.

She unites, synthesises and transcends opposites. What is more, people saw in her a sovereign deity whose approval was necessary in order to rule a kingdom. Hence, in Ishtar Connection, our four musicians pay tribute to an eternal and mythical Orient, by allying traditional and electronic music, secular traditions and modern ambiances, Arab and Western cultures in a festive approach.

Visuel Ishtar Connexion
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