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Le bonhomme Fawzy




Nominated for the DJANGO D'OR 
Jury's mention BABEL MED 
Iraqi Feeling
Offer in the category Oriental World Music – Season 2011-2012
Concerts: World, Traditional Music, Oriental Jazz

Radio Bagdad - Oriental World Music – 6tet
New Show - New Album (Release: End of 2011)

Created on 21 October 2010 in the course of the festival Les Nuits Européennes in Strasbourg, kindly supported by the DRAC Alsace and the City of Strasbourg.

Radio Bagdad plays a hot fusion of today’s music and the roots of Iraqi and Middle Eastern culture, thus uniting tradition and modernity. Musical rigour and aesthetics leave enough space for the sensuality, emotion, festiveness and poetry of the new compositions.


Fawzy Al-Aiedy Trio - Iraq/Tunisia/Egypt
Middle Eastern classical and popular music

A musical encounter in complicity and intimacy. Fawzy improvises on traditional maquams (academic musical modes). His oud echoes a moving melodic and poetic tradition, supported by the complicit rhythms coming forth in fine lacy complexity from the Darbouka and by the soaring melodies of the violin.

Privé de Désert - Jazz & Middle East - 5tet
with Jean-Luc Fillon – New Show 2011

A project about the meeting of two musical worlds, inspired by the rhythms of the desert. The line-up comprises musicians of completely different backgrounds – jazz meets world music and free improvisation.

Fawzy: Oud, Vocals, Oboe, English horn; Jean-Luc Fillon: Oboe, English horn; João Paulo: Piano; Adel Shams El Din: Percussions; Marc Buronfosse: Double bass.

And still: Paris-Bagdad Acoustic - 4tet or 5tet
Available all the year
(Musicians living in France)  

Please tell me if you are interested in any of the shows.
Feel free to contact me at any time for more information.

Hope to see you soon. Kind regards,

Martin Ternes
PR International

10, rue du Hohwald 67000 STRASBOURG FRANCE
Tel. : + 33 (0)3 88 22 51 27

Béatrice Vielle
Executive Producer


Irakische Klangwelten




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