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Le bonhomme Fawzy




D O U N Y A : Musical show for youngsters & family

Traditionnals Arabian songs

Musical journey for youngsters (from age 6-7) & family
Scenario spoken in French, English, or arabic by Fawzy

CD  Dounya

Discover the album

Fawzy AL-AIEDY : Vocal, Oud, Narration
Zied ZOUARI : Violin
Adel SHAMS EL DIN : Percussions

+ Marc BURONFOSSE : Double bass or Gilles COQUARD : Bass 6 strings, semi-fretless

Gilles LEVEQUE : Sound
Max HAAS : Light creation

Scenario : Michel BERETTI
Staging : Guy FREIXE

Ref. : Album DOUNYA - Chansons traditionnelles pour enfants - 1998 - UNIVERSAL JEUNESSE

It is not only because he was born in Bassora, Iraq, the native city of Sinbad the Sailor, that Fawzy Al-Aiedy decided to put down in songs a musical journey. This virtuoso musician has chosen to reach out to children with his voice, his poetry and his instruments - the oud and the zourna, and with those of his musicians which illustrate, among others, the wealth of percussions. He also introduces the children to rhythms unrecognized in Europe and shares his sensibility and his real passion for music.

Conceived like a East-West encounter, "Dounya" (the world) allows in the same time the discovery - through a collecting of children's songs -, of the Arabic culture and of the traditional oriental instruments.

Put in music and arranged by this particularly expressive and warm musician, these songs from various countries of the Arabic world, into the desert and across the seas (from Morocco to Yemen, passing by Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Palestine, Arabique Gulf, Egypt, Tunisia) are sung along altogether, in French or English and Arabic, by the young audience. to see the songs, clic here

But Fawzy Al-Aiedy also incarnates the instrumental fusion with his practice of the oud (oriental lute) and by the one of the three musicians who play along on stage percussions, violin or keyboards and double bass.

"Dounya" is a perfectly successful musical journey, doubled with a wonderful message of peace.

Album DOUNYA - Traditional songs for children - 1998 - c/o ADÈS - UNIVERSAL JEUNESSE

Contents of the show:
FAWZY Al-AIEDY's songs and music from the CD DOUNYA accompanying a scenario spoken in French, English or arabic by Fawzy. During the show: learning of a bilingual song (orally or with the distribution of the text transcribed in phonetics, french, english and arabic).

Teaching material is available for organizers and teachers

Also available, his concert RADIO BAGDAD for teenagers (from 11-12 years)

In foreign countries: USA (18 shows in SEATTLE INTERNATIONAL CHILDREN'S FESTIVAL and in INTERNATIONAL CHILDREN'S FESTIVAL in SAINT PAUL) - En Belgique : Braine l'Alleud

In France : PRINTEMPS DE BOURGES, Theatre National de Chaillot (FESTIVAL MINO - JMF/ADAMI), Chorus des Hauts de Seine, Festi'Val de Marne, Les Temps Chauds (Bourg en Bresse), D'jazz (Nevers), Cité de la musique (Paris), Scènes Nationales (Les Gemeaux à Sceaux, La Guadeloupe, L'Apostrophe à Cergy, La Coupoloe à Combs la Ville) etc...

Album and concert Selected by the newspapers: Le Monde, L'express, Le Monde de la Musique, La Vie, Ouest-France, La Nouvelle république, L'Alsace, Le Progrès, La scène, Musique Info Hebdo, L'Enseignant, Tobbogan, Famili, Classica, Chorus, L'Ecole de Parents.





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