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Montage photo qui regroupe un grand nombre de pochette d'album de la carrière de Fawzy.

souk musical
de Fawzy !

“Fawzy Al-Aiedy's music asserts that the same things can be said in different tones. Classic, dreamlike or frontal, his songs deploy the same vision that knows how to take all the nuances of the rainbow. "

René Guyomarc'h - Le Maine Libre .

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“Al-Aiedy's music is essentially a fusion of traditional Iraqi instruments and rhythms with high production values and a more western musical sensibility. At WOMAD his lineup includes the derbouka, Eastern violin, keyboard, electric bass guitar and drum. His songs are about journey, poetry, dreams, his native town of Basra and about living in exile. (…) Paris-Baghdad Grooves lives up to its name, comprised of a series of catchy and sensual songs that had the festival audience dancing. In songs like “Arabia” and “Dana Dina” he has created a striking fusion sound that is truly global and which communicates and appeals across political and cultural boundaries. "

Graham Henderson - Rhythm (United Kingdom).

About the CD Noces-Bayna

“Here is a salutary, essential album, which should be distributed free of charge to all street corners because it is so good for the ears and gives food for thought. (…) It's bright, festive and at the same time profound. Because this is where we realize that music is not only a universal language but above all a multifaceted unit. (…) This album is a pure gem. ”
Frédéric Gerchambeau - Ethnotempos.

About the Oud Aljazira CD

“After his beautiful Paris-Baghdad (…), here is already a new production from the ace of the oud. Around the Iraqi artist, only two percussionists, but the best: Adel Shams El Din and Bruno Caillat. Fawzy Al-Aiedy has collected many instrumental maqâms, dazzling dialogues between the instruments. And several compositions, sung in Arabic, where he lets his voice blossom to praise the beloved, nature… Magnificent. "

René Guyomarc'h - Le Maine Libre .

About the Dounya CD

“Starting from rhymes and traditional poems for which he writes or arranges the music, Fawzy Al-Aiedy opens the doors to the world (Dounya), rich in the sensations of his Iraqi childhood. For these welcome or quest songs (…) translated and calligraphed like so many treasures, the singer surrounds himself with varied percussions and rare timbres served by a superb sound recording. Fawzy sings in Arabic and invites two worlds to meet. » - Anne Bustaret - Le Monde.

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.


  • FRANCE INTER - Under the stars exactly - by Serge Levaillant

start listening re-listen to this program of 12/21/2012

For the second hour of the show, we will welcome Claude Lemesle who as usual will offer us a musical encounter. For this program, he came to meet us with Fawzy Al-Aiedy, whose album "Radio Bagdad" has been in stores since the end of September (more)

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... In the news we find Fawzy Al Aiedy for his latest opus: Radio Baghdad, to get urgently afterwards

  • RADIO NEO - Néo Géo - by Bintou Simporé

start listening listen to this program from 01/06/2013

For this first Neo Geo of the year 2013, Bintou receives the Franco-Iraqi Oud player Fawzy Al Aiedey as well as the Malian singer Sidi Toure

  • RFI - "World Music" - by Laurence Aloir

start listening listen to this program from 02/09/2013

Special Institute of the Arab World, with Dorothée Engel, in charge of cultural actions and Fawzy Al Aiedy, on the occasion of the release of his record “Radio Bagdad” (more)




  • RFI by Yasmine Chouaki - In G major

start listening listen to this program from 12/09/2010

Singer, Oud and Oboe player, Fawzy Al Aiedy was born in Iraq between two rains. Thanks to his dual culture (he has lived in Paris for over 25 years) Fawzy has made Iraqi and Middle Eastern music known to the general European public. He is one of those artists who are the crossing point between East and West, one of those modest and talented peacemakers.



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  • NOVA MAGAZINE - by Rabah Mezouane

  • L'HEBDOSCOPE - by Jean-Pierre Catalano



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Album DOUNYA : (other articles not scanned!)

  • THE WORLD - by Anne Bustaret

  • L'HEBDOSCOPE - by Jean-Pierre Catalano


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