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Amina (1981) - Young audience

Amina (1981) - Young audience


Songs and music for children. Youth leisure prices.

Released on vinyl in 1981 and reissued on CD in 1992 - Arc en ciel -

It is thus at the junction of two cultures and its originality shines in this disc produced for communication between children - undoubtedly the first of its kind produced in France - but which can also appeal to the older ones. He adapted a dozen traditional Arabic songs there, dressing them with the most diverse instruments, the cello alongside the Arab lute.

  • With:

    Fawzi Al-Aiedy : Composer, arranger, lute, vocals, oboe, English horn, zourna

    Henri Agnel : Guiterne, bendir, laughs

    Sahan Dinannian : Cello, laughs

    Youval Micenmacher : Darbouka, naqqarat, bendir, great Tunisian drum, zarb, laughs

    Choirs, laughs : Amir, Izzah, Yassir, Fatheia, Thery Meysari, Hiam Halaoui, Soheir Riad

    Halahis : Ragio Achour

  • Credits:

    Booklet included in the CD : Arabic and French lyrics / Calligraphies by Hassan Massoudy /

    Translation of texts: Nouriddin Mohamed Elansari

    Book with lyrics: Arabic, phonetic, French and sheet music - digital version, A4 format

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