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Traditional songs for children

CD 1998 | Adès - Universal Jeunesse

It is not only because he was born in Basra in Iraq, the birthplace of Sinbad the sailor, that Fawzy Al-Aiedy wanted to put in songs a musical journey.

This virtuoso musician has chosen to put his voice, his poetry and the instruments he practices within the reach of children in order to introduce them to rhythms unknown in Europe and to share with them his sensitivity and his true passion for music.

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

"Dounya" (the world) allows both the discovery (through a collection of children's songs) of Arab culture and traditional oriental instruments.

"Records of the year to give and to offer" (Le Monde - Anne Bustaret).

Title LE LAPIN selected by the CNDP - 2006 "Fête de la musique" CD-book (80,000 copies in schools) - Talents Adami Jeune Public 2004

With :

Fawzy Al-Aiedy : Vocals, oud, oboe

Jean-Jacques Ruhlmann : Clarinet, saxophones

Marc Buronfosse : Double bass

Adel Shams El Din : Percussions (tabla, zarb, douf, req)

Bruno Caillat : Percussions (derbouka, douf, req)

Laurent Desmurs : Synthesizer

Farhat Bouallaghi : Violin

Choirs : Wafa El-Khoury-Saad, Jocelyne Samrani and Adrien-Nassim Al-Aiedy

Recording, mixing and sound universe : Christophe Allègre, Jérôme Vicat-Blanc

Recorded : Studio La Muse en Circuit - Mixed at studio C & Accord

Credits :

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

Calligraphies : Hassan Massoudy

Cover photo : Pascal & Maria Maréchaux

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