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Pochette album Ishtar Connection de Fawzy Al-Aiedy -

Page of all artist Fawzy-Al-Aiedy's albums. Great musical career. With 13 albums of Arabic music, world music. His latest project Ishtar Connection comes at the end of his career and musically symbolizes this bridge between East and West that the artist Fawzy Al-Aiedy has always wanted to achieve. You can download the Iraqi artist's albums.

Ishtar Connection (2019)

world music

Pochette album Radio Bagdad de Fawzy Al-Aiedy

Radio Baghdad (2012)

Pochette Album Oud Aljazira de Fawzy Al-Aiedy

Oud Aljazira (2000)

Pochette Album Le Paris Bagda de Fawzy Al-Aiedy

Paris-Bagdad (1999)

Pochette Album Schéhérazade de Fawzy Al-Aiedy

Schéhérazade (1987)

Pochette Album La Terre de Fawzy Al-Aiedy

La Terre (1983)

Pochette Album Bagdad de Fawzy Al-Aiedy

Bagdad (1978)

Pochette Album Silence de Fawzy Al-Aiedy

Silence (1976)

Oriental jazz

Pochette Album Tarab - Fawzy Al-Aiedy et L'Oriental Jazz

Tarab, L'Oriental Jazz (1992)

Pochette Album Paris Bagdad de Fawzy Al-Aiedy

Paris-Bagdad (1990)

Young audience  Family

Pochette album Noces-Bayna de Fawzy Al-Aiedy

Noces-Bayna (2009)

Pochette Album Dounya de Fawzy Al-Aiedy

Dounya (1998)

Pochette Album Amina de Fawzy Al-Aiedy

Amina (1981 reissued in 1992)

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