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Fawzy Al-Aiedy lors d'un concert de Noces-Bayna accompagné d'une chorale d'enfant.




“Fawzy Al-Aiedy's music is a timeless journey through the culture of different French regions and across the Arab world. The meeting of traditional regional instruments such as the bagpipe, the hurdy-gurdy with the sensitive strings of the oud and percussions, takes us on the trail of traditions and popular festivals. (…) The instruments (…) rock us through our popular cultures while gently bringing us to the land of “a thousand and one nights”.
Camille Hazard - An armchair for the orchestra

“In all simplicity, constructing his performance with simplicity - the better to savor the flavor of Mediterranean traditions - Fawzy Al-Aiedy reveals a musical repertoire of great density. If it is built over the years, in the mesh of civilizations born from Islam and Christianity, it also joins a common heritage which goes beyond these simple frameworks. Because it also appears very modern, calling to live fraternity. Beautiful lesson signed by a great artist from Iraq! ".
The West Courier

“What a beautiful invitation to travel! The Paris-Bagdad Acoustic distilled (…) by Fawzy Al-Aiedy revealed another Iraq. His, that of his dreams, that of his childhood (…). [Fawzy] has so much to give: From Circonspection - text by Verlaine translated into Arabic - to the Roofless - instrumental version - through the Gazelle, a traditional music from Iraq. Dressed in white, he even becomes transparent. Simple dream catcher. We then think of the little prince. Curious, candid and who tells you about his home, "not like from another planet but like from a country". He takes you there by the hand and invites you into a trance. Sweet oriental scents escape (…). The room is under the spell. The rounds of applause follow one another. ".
David Geiss - Latest News from Alsace

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In addition to this, you will need to know more about it.

“Fawzy Al-Aiedy (…) invites us to follow him in the world of contemporary Arab song and music. And it is worth the detour. Inspired by popular tradition but without completely ignoring his Western experience, he evokes, tells, affirms… More or less directive, therefore, he leads into these gardens which seem to be suspended in the sky. "  

Latest News from Alsace

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