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Miroir Nomade

Musical and theatrical show

Stéphane Litolff  |  Co-auteur, metteur en scène

Textes de

Germain Muller, Paul Eluard, Khalil Gibran,

Warsan Shire, Maram Al Masri?

Mounia Raoui, Stéphane Litolff


Fawzy Al-Aiedy Chant, oud

Catherine Faure Vocals, accordion, violin

Vincent Boniface Bagpipes, flutes, vocals

Adel Shams El Din Percussion

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Aimed primarily at the youngest, this family show revisits the musical heritage of our regions of France, giving it accents of the Middle East, thus creating music in the image of the mixed society in which we live. Through the songs of our regional repertoire, an unprecedented dialogue is built between the world of Iraqi Fawzy Al-Aiedy and that of Frenchwoman Catherine Faure. With their accomplices Vincent Boniface, multi-instrumentalist from the Aosta Valley, and Adel Shams El Din, renowned Egyptian percussionist, they form the Noces-Bayna quartet (weddings = marriage and bayna = between).

With La Traversée, they lead the viewer into a whirlwind of sounds and emotions, discovering traditional songs from here and elsewhere. A jubilant way of combining diversity and universality.

The languages ​​sung are French, Arabic but also certain regional French languages ​​such as Occitan, Breton. Thus the young audience will be able to learn French songs, while learning Arabic.

Melodies, French and Arabic songs, oud and bagpipes, with the complicity of oriental rhythms, respond to it. "La Traversée" thus brings together all that music can offer as opportunities for meeting, sharing and awakening to the world.

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