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Ishtar connection

Arabic Vibrations

Ya Ayn Mulayiitayn Clip

Hali Hali Hal (studio session)

Live Ya Habibi (Correns)

After movie Music Day in Strasbourg

Oriental folk

L'oiseau libre

Ala Shawati Dijla

Lamma Bada

Miroir nomade
Musical and theatrical show

Miroir Nomade - Music and theather


La traversée 
by the quartet Noces-Bayna
Traditional French songs & Arabian mirror
young audience & family

Noces Bayna teaser

with children's choir

L'alouette et le merlot / La Tahzani

live in Meyzieux

C'est sur le pont de Lyon / Malikou Lzamman

live in Meyzieux

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