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Fawzy Al-Aiedy


Fawzy Al-Aiedy was born in Basra in southern Iraq, to a modest family, in the 50s. His parents forgot to note his date of birth, the only certainty: he was born between two heavy rains ... Fawzy, him, celebrates his birthday on September 6, date of his arrival in France (in 1971).

"Music is the eternal mistress to whom I entrust my life and with which I share dreams and passion" Fawzy

“At the roots of traditional Arab music”, well anchored in the present, nourished by multiple folk, rock and jazz influences, and singularly turned towards the future. "- Trad Magazine

“Fawzy Al-Aiedi is a sun and his music is a smile. Author, composer and performers, this Arab lute artist (oud) whom he hugs in his arms "like a woman", has created his own style by relying on ancestral rhythms and sounds, naturally mixing the modernity of 'a man who listens to his time. "- L'Est Eclair

“Fawzy Al-Aiedi's music asserts that the same things can be said in different tones. Classic, dreamlike or frontal, his songs deploy the same vision that knows how to take all the nuances of the rainbow. "

- René Guyomarc'h - Le Maine Libre

Fawzy published his first disc "Silence" in 1971 (Le Chant du Monde, 1971) then "Bagdad" (1978), in 1983 became one of the precursors of world music with his album "La terre" on which he brought together musicians from all walks of life.

He integrates Western instruments, creates "oriental jazz" marrying the swing of jazz with the sensuality of oriental music), simultaneously produces records and concerts for young audiences, participates in various creations and in a research laboratory between oriental music and western groove which will lead in 2010 to the creation "Radio Bagdad", during the European Nights festival in Strasbourg then to the production of the album of the same name (Institut du Monde Arabe / Harmonia Mundi).

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

The creations continue: “Private of the desert” in 2011 (on the theme of the desert and its caravans), “Ultimate prayer - Sacred Songs of the East” in 2011-2013 (1st world at Strasbourg Cathedral), “Exile mon amour ”(music, theater and calligraphy, for the Strasbourg Méditerranée festival),“ Entre deux reeds, the child ”, a musical & visual show, commissioned by La Passerelle in Rixheim (140 national performances),“ La traversée ”by the Noces-Bayna quartet (with or without choir).…

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

Nominated for the Django d'Or - Traditional World Music category, Fawzy was the Babel Med jury's favorite for its shows "Radio Bagdad" and "Noces-Bayna", and Charles Cros Academy's favorite for the 'Noces-Bayna' album. The notions of tolerance and culture have always governed the approach of the artist who tirelessly defends an open and creative pan-Orientality. For him, music is the privileged ground where all encounters can flourish.

Fawzy AL-AIEDY en arabe calligraphié par Massoudy FA OK-négatif.png
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