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La Terre

Arabic song and music today

1983-Vinyl | Rainbow - Studio SM

Accompanied by his friends musicians on percussions (duff, naqqarat, zarb, tabla or darbouka, bendir, Tunisian drum, rattlesnakes…) on nay, violin and cello…

In addition to this, you will need to know more about it.

Fawzy Al-Aiedy explores with them the universe of these various instruments through song, instrumental composition and improvisation made from written bases - improvisations are an essential form of Arabic music.

It combines rhythm and poetry, written music and oral music, learned art and popular art. Rather than opposing them, he uses them in what they have that is specific and original.

Fawzy's music and singing concentrate a double desire for communication:

Communication with its listeners and communication with other cultures. Step by step, Fawzy invents a path ...


Fawzy Al-Aiedy : Composer, arranger, Lute (oud), vocals, oboe, English horn, zourna

Sahan Dinanian : Cello

Youval Micenmacher : Percussions (tabla, darbouka, naqqarate, bendir, drums, large Tunisian drum, zarb)

François Rabbath : Double bass

Kudsi Erguner : Nay

Philippe Pouvreau : Violin

Sorhene Somai : Arabic violin

Hatem Bedoui : Percussion tablah (derbouka)

Sound recording: Studio Gaffinel

Mixing : Patrick Orieux - Studio de la Grande Armée

Credits :

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

Text adaptations : Fawzy Al-Aiedy

Translation : Guy Jacquet

Calligraphies : Hassan Massoudy

Cover photo : Pascal Privet

Photo back : Arek Minasyan

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