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1990 - Vinyl and CD - Barclay production - collection 1 2 3

First version of the album Tarab - Fawzy Al-Aiedy & oriental jazz, where oriental music flirts with jazz.

"I dedicate this album to Adrien-Nassim" - Fawzy


In addition to this, you will need to know more about it.

Fawzi Al-Aiedy : Vocals, oboe, English horn, Oud

François Méchali : Double bass

François Verly : Tabla, drums

Ramon Lopez : Tabla, drums

Jean-Marc Larché : Saxophone-synthesizer

Philippe Maté : Saxophone, Sax-synthesizer

Claude Py : Synthesizer guitar


Arrangements : François Méchali

Artistic realization : Fawzi Al-Aiedy and Eric Clermontet

Eric Clermontet : Producer

Recorded: Philippe Délire

Mixing : Eric Clermontet and Philippe Délire at the ICP Brussels studio

Engraved : Studio Translab / Paris


Photo : Jean-Claude Meignan

Artwork : Laurent Muller

Production : Barclay

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