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Radio Bagdad

oriental groove

Teaser Radio Bagdad 6tet version (filmed at the Arc in Rezé in 2015). For other videos, click here

"A universe where you feel at ease, both at home and abroad .... Fawzy takes the alchemist and invents a model of a musician from tradition. He offers a visa to elsewhere , an unprecedented adventure ... This Radio Baghdad is built like an album of images to dream of ... Joël Isselé, DNA

In his Radio Bagdad, the Iraqi cantor modernizes his melodic lines and rhythm with the masterful complicity of peerless instrumentalists from the world scene.


Radio Bagdad broadcasts music drawn from the traditional Iraqi culture of the Middle East. It combines tradition and modernity, leaving plenty of room for the sensual, poetic and festive side of the compositions. His transcendent melodies serve a burning and sweet Orient, at the crossroads of Eastern and Western influences.


Fawzy Al-Aiedy Chant, Oud

Vincent Boniface Accordion, clarinet, bagpipes

Raphaël Al-Aiedy Bass

Adel Shams El Din Derbouka, Req



Les Nuits Européennes Festival (Strasbourg) - Institut du Monde Arabe (Paris) - Espace Django Reinhardt (Strasbourg) - La Cave Dimière (Argenteuil) - Le Scarabée (produced by Philomène) (Chambéry) - L'Arc (Rezé) - La Merise (Trappes) - Treibhaus (Innsbruck / Austria). Creation supported by the City of Strasbourg and the DRAC Alsace.


Paris-Bagdad Grooves, 1st formula:

In France: Scènes Nationales de Sceaux, Aubusson, Valenciennes, Guadeloupe - Nuits Métisses Festival (Auxerre) - Les Traver'ce Musicales Festival (Les Ponts-de-Cé) - Music and Lyrics Festival in Riberacois - Atout Arts Festival (Thouars) - Racines Festival (Toulouse), Aghja Current Music Stage in Ajaccio - Dome Theater (Alberville) - Le Reservoir (Paris) - Jury favorites at Babel Med 2007.

Abroad: Masala Festival (Germany), Womad (Great Britain), French Institute of Fès & Meknes (Morocco) - Official selection of CINARS (Montreal, Canada).

Radio Bagdad Album

Arab World Institute / Harmonia Mundi

Well done ! by Trad Magazine,

selected by fRoots and Franck Tenaille

Photographs: Roger Berthod, Dominique Secret

With the support of :
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