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Le Paris Bagdad

acoustic music inspired by oriental tradition

CD 1999 | Music on the go / Buda music / Socadisc distribution

The Paris Bagdad tells the story of Fawzy, that of a man who flies over Iraq in "a large bird". He sees a little light below, and thinks of this country, his, where he has not set foot in a long time.

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Fawzy captivates with his music which borrows from the oriental traditions of the Thousand and One Nights and the muezzin blues while moving towards the writing of today's music.

"Music is the eternal mistress to whom I entrust my life and with which I share dreams and passion." - Fawzy


Fawzy Al-Aiedy : Vocals, Oud, oboe, English horn

Jean-Jacques Ruhlmann : Clarinet - saxophone

Marc Buronfosse : Double bass

Adel Shams El Din : Percussions (derbouka, douf, req)

Bruno Caillat: percussion (tabla, Zarb, douf, req)

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

With the participation of :

Farhat Bouallagui : Violin

Abdul-Kader Ghorani : Quanoun

Claudette Nassim : Choirs


Recording and mixing : Jérôme VICAT-BLANC, Christophe ALLÈGRE


Recorded at: Studio La Muse en Circuit (Alfortville)

Mixed at : Studio C & Accords (Lyon)

Credits :

Cover photo : Alain Saint-Hilaire

Calligraphies : Hassan Massoudy

Booklet cover photo : Sok Hung Lam

English translation : Ann Jacoby

French translation and adaptation : Arab-Consultants

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