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Entre deux roseaux, l'enfant

musical & visual show, from 2-3 years to 103 years - duration 35 min

Fawzy tells us and sings the story of Nassim. Accompanied by his oud, he makes the Arabic, French and English languages ​​sing - even Alsatian - by crossing music from here and there. Elegant calligraphy comes to life and dance on a canvas stretched like a drum, round like the sun.

In the company of Nassim, Fawzy invites us with a delicate voice, moved to the south of Iraq, cradle of the first writings. Through the reeds of the marshes of Basra, He leads us to meet migratory birds. To travel, to leave, to migrate, Nassim dreams only of that. One day, the child becomes a bird and flies away beyond the marshes to discover the world. As a gift from his travels, he brings back French songs that mingle with oriental rhymes.

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To illustrate and stage this material, which is as delicate for the ears as it is for the eyes, the musician turned to Hassan Massoudy and his elegant animated calligraphy and to the director Denis Woelffel. With them, he creates a musical, theatrical and visual language full of finesse, gentleness and poetry.

The different cultures nourish the imagination of the traveling musician as much as that of the spectator. This music speaks to everyone, regardless of age, culture and habit. Offering different reading levels, this show dedicated to toddlers is also aimed at accompanying adults.

Meetings, dialogue and sharing make it possible to build bridges between tradition and modernity, East and West, childhood and middle age. So many threads on which to advance. As many strings to pull, then to let sing.


Fawzy Al-Aiedy Chant, Oud, game

Pascal Grussne r Régie

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Fawzy Al-Aiedy - Musical composition, writing

Denis Woelffel - Direction, writing

Hassan Massoudy - Calligraphies

Christine Denis - Animated Pictures

Xavier Martayan - Lighting creation

Dorothée Ruge - Scenography

Elsa Pulley - Costume

Olivier Fuchs - Soundtrack mixing

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Thanks for their precious help to Jean lebAbel, Véronique Borg and Nicolas Wolff

“The Arabic language intersects with the French language through eternal nursery rhymes. "

In addition to this, you will need to know more about it.

Teaser Entre deux roseaux, l'enfant


150 performances (Les Régionales d'Alsace and national tour). Production Musiques en Balade, a company approved by the City of Strasbourg and benefiting from the Structuring Aid of the Ministry of Culture and Communication - DRAC Grand Est.

Commission: La Passerelle, Rixheim. Creative residency: La MAC - Relais culturel de Bischwiller.

Co-productions: La Passerelle, Rixheim [68]; The MAC - Cultural relay of Bischwiller [67]; Cultural Centers of the City of Limoges [87] within the framework of the European project "Small size, big citizens"; the Castle Theater, EU [76]; the Pablo Picasso Cultural Center, Homécourt [54].

Supported by Arts Vivants en Alsace, the Ministry of Culture and Communication - DRAC Grand Est, the Cultural Agency of Alsace, the City of Strasbourg (agreement), the Grand Est Regional Council; the Departmental Council of Bas-Rhin, the CNV (National Center for Variety Song and Jazz). The 2014/2015 tour of Fawzy Al-Aiedy (different repertoires) benefits from the support of Spedidam.

Photographs: Simon Barral-Baron

With the support of :
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