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Oud Aljazira

Music from the Middle East

classic, popular and today

It is a complicit and intimate meeting. Fawzy Al-Aiedy improvises on traditional maquams (scholarly musical modes) while developing his own artistic voice. It combines written music and oral music, learned art and popular art.


Fawzy deploys on his oud and in his song, served by a voice that takes to the heart, a moving melodic and poetic tradition. His dual culture and his creativity also push him to sing his own texts or those of great Arab poets on personal compositions between tradition and creation.


The improvisations or compositions of Fawzy are carried by the accomplice rhythmic, gushing in fine lace, of the percussionist and by the melodic flights of the violinist whose bow twirling on the strings spurts the soul and sensuality of the East. Fawzy Al-Aiedy's music concentrates a desire for intense communion between cultures and his listeners.


Training (Iraq / Egypt / Tunisia) :


Fawzy Al-Aiedy - Vocals - Oud

Adel Shams El Din - Percussion


+ Zied Zouari - Oriental violin & Viola

Title NISSA solo (to be found on the album Le Paris Bagdad , in another interpretation) at the Festival Les Troubadours sing Roman art in Languedoc-Roussillon. Video © Mathias LECLERC Altaïr-prod.

Fawzy mixes written music and oral music, scholarly art and popular art.


Referring albums

Oud Aljazira & Le Paris Bagdad c / o Buda Musique / Socadisc - 2000


Album acclaimed by the newspapers L'Alsace, La Vie, DNA, Ouest France, Arabies ...

Tour references
In France : International Guitar Biennale in Chambéry, Thionville, Les Régionales (Alsace), Coutances municipal theater, Festival Nuits Atypiques de Langon, Jazz in Mulhouse, Grenoble Jazz Festival, Amphitheater of the Opéra de Lyon, Les concerts du midi at the Sorbonne ...
Abroad : Forde Folk Music Festival (Norway), Tunis (French Institute), Tahiti, Saudi Arabia (French Embassy in Riyadh and Consultat in Jedddah), Italy (La Notte di S. Lorenzo festival)

Photographs: P.Poulenasr, Dominique Secret

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